Lemon Salmon with Quinoa Linguini, Spinach & Tomatoes

For a healthy meal with proportionate balances of protein, grains, and vegetables, try this recipe I created– it is delicious! *Makes 2 servings **Total prep and cooking time:  20 minutes Ingredients: (2) 5-6oz pieces of salmon 1 lemon Low sodium Seasoning 2 cloves garlic Olive Oil (I use the Misto for light sprays) approx 1 … [Read more…]

Do More Yoga!

Yoga.  A word we hear all the time these days but yet to some, it still sounds overly intimating.  Crazy poses, deep breathing and not talking for an hour?  Yes!  That is how heavenly yoga is! ♥  I started incorporating yoga into my workout routine about 6 months ago and have been so glad that I … [Read more…]

Count Your Calorie Burn

How many times do you hear the saying, “you burn (fill in the blank) amount of calories doing (fill in the blank)?”  I think it is safe to say that we all hear this all the time and when we do, it is said or read as a blanket statement – that every person burns the same amount of calories doing the … [Read more…]

7 weeks out…!!!

Hi!  Okay so I am officially 7 weeks out from my next race and it is time to CRACK DOWN!!  This past weekend, I went for a 15.5 mile run and it felt amazing!  Now, over the next 4 weeks, I will have an ‘extreme’ period as I like to call it where I will … [Read more…]

This Week I am Obsessed With…My Meal Planner

When you first commit to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is easy to become intimated and overwhelmed by all of the options and information out there.  There are more products then  you can image, more workouts then you can do in a year, and more diets then you have appetite to try.  I … [Read more…]

This Week I am Obsessed with Chia Seeds

I know I haven’t written an ‘obsessed with’ post in a while; mostly because I am obsessed with so many things, it is hard to find one thing that stands out.  ♥  This week though, I thought I would write about my obsession with chia seeds as I have so many positive things to say … [Read more…]

My Personal Fitness Routine

Just to give a little insight on my personal fitness plan, I thought I would share with you what a typical week of training looks like for me.  This is a pretty standard week for me however, my mileage does shift throughout my marathon training schedules as I am building up mileage or tapering down. … [Read more…]