Welcome and thank you for reading The Fitness Fashionista! As the creator and founder of The Fitness Fashionista, my goal and passion is to bring the excitement and understanding of health & fitness to women while keeping real. I strongly believe that health and fitness can be fun, fashionable and the ultimate go to for a confidence boosting activity that makes you feel as good as you look; it just takes work!

I am fortunate enough to live in beautiful San Diego, CA where I get to workout by the beach every day. I do Retail Marketing by day and workout & blog by morning and night. I also spend lots of time taking advantage of the beautiful city I live in by hiking, being at the beach and hitting up the local farmers markets for beautiful fresh & local produce.

My main fitness passion is running and I am an avid marathon runner. Running is what gives me focus, relief, and drive to do what I do every day. When I am not running, I am strength training, doing yoga or spinning. Although I am no world-class chef, I enjoy cooking healthy and being in control of what and when I eat.

As a busy women on the go, I want be able to work up a sweat and eat healthy while looking good and gaining results. If you can relate, or want to relate, The Fitness Fashionista is your go-to destination for tips and tricks of how to do it all. When I am not out for a run myself, I am out scouring the latest health and nutrition news, and of course, the latest fitness fashions, to share with all of you here. You will also find all of my clean, healthy, and easy recipes that contain the perfect balance of nutrition to keep your fit diet in check.

I look forward to accompanying you on your fit and healthy living journey and keep you looking great while you do it!