Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

I am going to let you in on a little secret…ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN!!  If you ever wondered why I am so overkill on my whole “Clean Eating” diet, it is because that is what works!  Eating clean and healthy is not only going to make you feel good, it is also going to help you break down the fatty tissue stored around your belly and bring out those hidden abs.

If you are looking to flatten your midsection, here are some must do tips in the kitchen that should be done before anything else:

  • Commit 100% to a clean eating diet.  Of course, cheat meals are still allowed, you just have to count them into your calorie intake and make up for them in the gym.
  • Cut out all processed food.  That means anything you did not make yourself, don’t eat it. If you must, limit your intake to the most minimal amount possible but still steer clear of
    unnatural ingredients and chemicals.
  • Cut out white flour. White flour is made from stripping wheat of everything useful, adding synthetic B vitamins, and bleaching it to remove the milled yellow color and increase the amount of gluten the flour can produce. As a blond that bleaches (yes, don’t tell I am not a 100% natural blond!!!) my hair, I like to think of bleach as something that can make my hair golden and bright, not make my food disgusting and unhealthy.   When shopping for flour, or products that contain flour, always look for whole grain flour, sprouted grain flour, or if you have gluten sensitivity like me, gluten-free flour or brown rice flour.  Your abs will thank you for cutting out this highly processed ingredient!
  • Cut Ourefined sugar and salt. For obvious reasons, refined sugar and salt can cause extreme bloating.  As both of these ingreidants are also highly processed,  removing them from your diet will not only help your abs, but also help your health.  If you need something to sweeten up a dish, try agave nectar, honey or brown rice syrup; all healthy, natural options.  For your salt, switch up to sea salt.  A little bit of sea salt is not bad for you; much better then refined table salt!
  • Add healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and oils.  There is a HUGE difference between the fat in olive oil and the fat in nachos.  Healthy fats are extremely good for you and a must have in your diet to help burn the bad fat.  These fats will help you ramp up your bodies fat burning ability and help you burn fat faster.  Of course, this doesn’t mean consume only healthy fats to get skinny – aim to keep your healthy fat intake to about 15-20% of your total calories daily.
  • Track your calories.  Weight loss is simple math:  eat less calories then you burn.  The only way to know how many calories you are burning and consuming is to track them!
  • Add more lean protein.  Foods such as chicken, fish, greek yogurt and edamame are low in calories and high in protein.  Protein helps build muscle; a must for toned abs!
  • Drink More Water.  Water helps flush out toxins, excess water and sodium from your body.  Especially when you feel bloated, water is the best thing you can have.