Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

I don’t know how many times I see people in the gym crunching and crunching while drinking a huge, sugary sports drink.  I want to go yell at them and say “The sugar in that drink is overriding all those crunches!”  So many people think that the secret to flat, chiseled abs is crunches and … [Read more…]


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Change It Up.

This weekend, I put my body through the ringer and it is paying me back today for it – and I love it!  I LOVE feeling soar knowing my muscles are working and that all my hard work sweating was worth it.  I tried two new workouts this weekend:  Trail Running and Pilates.  They were … [Read more…]

Insta Me!

If you haven’t already caught on, I am not posting as much as I had been on the blog and I hate it!   Life is just sooo crazy busy for me right now!  I am absolutely still going to be posting, just not as regularly.  Make sure you are taking advantage of all the … [Read more…]


Welcome and thank you for reading The Fitness Fashionista! As the creator and founder of The Fitness Fashionista, my goal and passion is to bring the excitement and understanding of health & fitness to women while keeping real. I strongly believe that health and fitness can be fun, fashionable and the ultimate go to for … [Read more…]

Be Back Soon…

Hi everyone! I am SO sorry I have been MIA this past week! ;( life has been super busy and every free moment I get, I have been spending working out myself. I am in the middle of a big move then once I’m settled, there will be plenty more fitness, health and nutrition posts to … [Read more…]

Bikini-Ready Spicy Stew

With all this thinking about bikini season being here, I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes to have when I am trying to eat light and low calorie, but still get a great flavor.  This stew is super easy to make and makes such a large amount you can have it all … [Read more…]