Blast Fat Now: Tabata Training

If you know me, then you know one of my hobbies (okay maybe obsession is the right word…) is to read fitness magazines and studies, watch videos, experiment, ect.  There is SO much out there, I like to be ahead of the game and be able to personally speak to what works best for me.  Well, one thing I have been constantly hearing about is Tabata Training.   Blasting fat in only 4 minute workouts?  Hmmm I had to try it.  I did, and I am hooked.  ♥

Tabata training is a form of high intensity intervals (think HIIT  or High Intensity Interval Training) but it is taken to another level with being a series of alternations between 20 seconds maximum effort and only 10 seconds of rest.  Tabata can be doing via running, or it can be done by doing a series of body weight or plyometric exercises.  In HIIT workouts, you take your rest periods by just slowing down your pace.  Then on your intense periods, you are doing a tempo pace (vs a sprint pace) for longer periods of time.  With Tabata, during your 20 seconds of intensity, you are doing and all out sprint of whatever you are doing.  You should be sprinting/working so hard that you NEED those 10 seconds of rest – which you can take by hoping off the treadmill or stopping.

Both HIIT and Tabata training are effective training tools and both will blast calories and fat if you do them consistently and correctly.  I have been incorporating both styles of intense cardio into my workouts on separate days.  That way, my body never knows what’s coming.

Try this running Tabata workout  for your next workout.  More workouts to come next week using body weight and plyometrics for your Tabata training!