Change It Up.

This weekend, I put my body through the ringer and it is paying me back today for it – and I love it!  I LOVE feeling soar knowing my muscles are working and that all my hard work sweating was worth it.  I tried two new workouts this weekend:  Trail Running and Pilates.  They were both different workouts then I am used to and I loved trying them both!

Now, anyone who is a runner knows there is a huge difference between street running and trail running.  I run a long run every weekend ranging anywhere between 9-22 miles, depending on where I am at in my training.  We do make these runs challenging and add hills, but typically we are running on streets, packed gravel or sidewalks.  This past Saturday, my friend and I went for a trail run with someone who runs trails all the time (and he knew what he was doing!) for a new experience and change in our training.  We had no idea what we were getting into though!  We ran over rocks, through brush, and up HUGE hills.  Needless to say, I was filthy dirty and felt like I had run 20 miles when we had only done 9.5!  Running trails does exert 10% more energy and burn that much more calories so our body was definitely responding.  Although I was exhausted and soar all day after that run, it was so good to feel like I really challenged myself and did something new.

Yesterday, I did a new Pilates class which was amazing.  As I have mentioned, I typically weight lift 5 days a week giving myself a great workout and allowing me to have built some good muscle.  But, after doing a similar weight training routine (although I change up the sets, it is still relatively similar) for 6 months, I was ready to do something a little different that can help elongate and tone the muscle I have built in the gym.    This class was so hard I was dripping sweat!  The 40 minutes flew by and felt like 5 and then this morning, I am soar everywhere!  I cannot wait for my next class later this week.  :)


Every once in a while, it is good to change up your fitness routine.  Some people get board, some just need a little boost.  No matter what the reason, changing up your routine has so many benefits!

  • New workouts can work new muscles and fibers.  Doing new workouts can allow you to use muscles that you never use, or even just get deeper into the muscle fibers that you maybe just can’t get to in other workouts.
  • Check your ego at the door.  When you do new workouts that you are not familiar with, you are likely to look and feel dumb.  Thats okay!!  Getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing because it means you are challenging yourself.  Don’t worry about what everyone is doing, just focus on yourself and commit to make the most out of your new workout.  Its okay to look silly, I promise you that you look much better then anyone else who isn’t working out!
  • Give your motivation a boost.  Sometimes, doing the same workouts over and over can become repetitive and, let’s be honest, get a little boring.  This can be horrible for your motivation!  When you try a new workout, you can gain a whole new sense of motivation as you feed off of the new endorphins being released from a challenging workout.

I encourage everyone to think of a workout you have been wanting to try and go try it.  I promise you that you will not regret it!