Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine For The Rest Of Summer

Summer is already halfway over and many of us are feeling dry and freckly.  Try these quick tips to freshen up your routine and yourself for the rest of this hot season!

Wash the tired and puffiness out of your face.  One of the best things you can do when you wake up is wash your face.  Just a splash of water can help remove toxins and impurities that seeped into your skin overnight.  I like to keep my face wash and moisturizer in the fridge to give an extra refreshing ‘zing’ to your wash.  By rubbing the cold products into your skin, the cold helps calm the puffiness and give you a fresh, smooth start.

Use Coconut Oil.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you must.  Use Organic Refined Coconut Oil on your skin and hair to give yourself a deep moisture treatment.

Lemon Your Locks.  Its one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Use lemon juice to naturally lighten your hair by applying it before you head out into the sun.  Be sure to also apply a sunscreen to your hair and condition well afterward though because this process can dry out your hair. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil or egg whites to treat a dry, flakey scalp by leaving it on your hair for 15 minutes before your next shower. Eyes, Lips & Cheeks.  With Summer coming to an end, you don’t want to be spending hours in front of the mirror doing a full face of makeup.  Show your freshly tanned skin off by leaving it as bare as possible!  Aim to apply only a quick sweep of mascara, a light, SPF lip gloss with a hit of color, and a bronzer or light pink blush on the cheeks.  Just those few pops of color will give your whole face that fresh, summer glow!  Just be sure to apply your face SPF!!

Schedule A Skin Check.  Although we are all so busy, it is worth it to make sure you schedule an appointment for sometime in the next couple months to have your skin checked by your dermatologist/doctor.  Have them look over every inch of your body (including your scalp!) to ensure no new spots have popped up on your skin that could be dangerous.

Out With The Old.  Start going through your makeup and hair products and making room for new Fall products.  New beauty trends will be here before we know it!!

Enjoy your natural beauty for the rest of summer. ♥