Hi Fitness Fashionistas!

I am thrilled to say that I am back! Thank you to all of you that have written me over these past couple months…you are the reason I am getting this blog back on track!

So…just to catch you all up on why I have been MIA lately, I have moved to Seattle! I have a new position with my company and corporate offices are up here, so here I am! And I am loving it!! I have been spending the last 8 weeks getting settled in my new place and exploring my new city, and, adjusting to wearing cute boots and coats in lieu of shorts and flip flops every day. But, now I am finally settled and ready to get back on track motivating all of you through your fit and healthy journey.

Although I cannot post as consistently as I was (I am sooo busy!) I am still here and still want to motivate you all when I can!  So, stay tuned for upcoming recipes and workouts from my new life

Xoxo, so glad again to be back! 😉