In a Workout Slump? Here’s a Little Motivation

We all get in workout slumps – some more often then others – but nevertheless, it happens to the best of us.  For me, I get in a little slump immediatly following a race.  When I am training for a marathon, I am so focused on the race as the end result.  Once that race is over, I many times feel like my training is over too.  Although it is over for that particular race, I need to remind myself that there is always room for improvement; just because my race is over does not mean my body will stay in the shape it is in if I don’t continue to work at it.

For others I talk to, the workout slump hits after a few months of a specific workout.  Maybe they have been doing boot camp for a few months then all of a sudden, they wake up one day bored and unmotivated to go back.  Whenever we focus on only one form of fitness, it is very easy to get board.  And fast!  It is so crucial to have multiple avenues of fitness in your routine.  If you do boot camp 1-3 days a week, go for a short run 1-2 days, and do yoga or weight lift the others.  If you are a runner, like me, strength train at least 4 times a week and do yoga on your off days of running.  If you are a yogi, make sure you add in some cardio to keep fat at bay.  No matter what your favorite workout, just aim to add some secondary options to keep your body guessing (thus burning more fat and calories!) and keep your mind entertained.  You will burn more when you are focused on your workout and performing at your best rather then if you just go through the motions because you have them all memorized.

Here are some things to do and think when you start to get in the workout slump:

  1. You are only as good as your last workout.  Just because I ran a marathon last week, does not mean I can sit back and reap the benefits.  I have to get back out and continue having great training days to continue to look and feel my best.
  2. Are you gaining or losing weight sitting on the coach snacking?  That’s what I thought :)
  3. Its okay to have an easy workout.  Its better then no workout at all.
  4. When in doubt, try something new.  If you don’t feel like doing the workout you had planned, pick something new to do.  Even if it is just doing a simple circuit at your own house, it will still give your body a jolt of calorie burn.
  5. The worse you eat, the more unmotivated you will be to go have a great workout.  Put down the junk food and eat a clean and healthy snack before you hit the gym.
  6. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit.  You will never see me in the gym in sweats or unflattering clothes.  When you dress cute to workout and like how you look, you will be giving yourself a constant reminder of why you want to keep looking good.
  7. Plan a relaxing and enjoyable activity to do after your workout.  If you set up some type of reward for yourself such as watching a tv show you have waiting for you, reading a book or hitting up the sauna, it will encourage you to go out and complete your workout so you can get to your reward.
  8. Keep a journal.  For days you don’t want to workout, being able to look back at a journal and see the progress you have made gives you motivation to keep at it.
  9. Share your plan.  Don’t be shy about telling people what your workout plan is.  When you tell others, you gain a sense of accountability.  The last thing you want to do the next day when they ask you how your workout was is to say “Oh…I didn’t make it.”
  10. Listen to your body and mind.  We all need a mental day every now and then.  If you absolutely cannot motivate your self to go workout, take a mental day.  Just make sure it is only one!  Use the mental day to reflect on your reasons for being fit and your health and fitness goals for the future.  Sometimes, just one mental day gives you an itch to get out there the next day and have an awesome workout!