Malibu Marathon…Check!

Yesterday, I competed my 2012 goal and ran the last of my three planned marathons, The Malibu International Marathon. It was amazing and I am honesty sad to say it is over…although I am thrilled with the results!

First off, let me just say that I could not have done this marathon and all the training without the BEST running buddy a girl could have, Danael Flores. We have been running together since beginning of last year and ran the 2011 Rock n Roll San Diego together. The thing though that makes this marathon so much different then that training season, is we did it ON OUR OWN! No run club, no organized aid stations, no coach to plan our our long runs – it was just us. When our run club ended for break last June, we decided we weren’t done yet. (Typical competitive female behavior ♥) So she and I started running together on our own every Saturday morning (basically kept the same schedule we had with our run club) and planned out fun, different runs, tracked every mile, and most of all, provided a source of accountability for each other. It was so cool yesterday for us to see our hard work pay off and cross that finish line together. Speaking for myself, there were times during the race yesterday when I could have slowed down but, again me being competitive, I knew I didn’t want to slow her down and I also didn’t want to stop while she kept going. So I kept going! That is the great thing about fitness/running buddies. The right one will push you without them even knowing it. She and I are both equal fitness levels and we both share the same crazy obsession with all things health, fitness and running. So again, I was extremely lucky to be able to train with her! Thanks, D! ;)