My Personal Fitness Routine

Just to give a little insight on my personal fitness plan, I thought I would share with you what a typical week of training looks like for me.  This is a pretty standard week for me however, my mileage does shift throughout my marathon training schedules as I am building up mileage or tapering down.  Overall, the one consistent factor in my routine is that I work hard, and make it a priority.

As you can see below, I strength train 5 days a week, run 4 days, and cross train 1 day. Although technically Sunday is my day off, I incorporate yoga into my plan as it is not high impact so it gives my body a break however, the stretching of the practice relieves tense muscles and refocuses my mind.

60 minutes; Yoga
Strength Training:  45 Minutes; Legs & Shoulders.
Cardio: 4-5 mile run
Strength Training: 45 Minutes; Chest, Arms, Back & Abs
Cardio: 5 mile run with tempo and/or hill intervals
Strength Training: 45 Minutes; Legs & Shoulders
Cardio:  Crosstrain 60 Minutes; Spin Class
Strength Training: 45 Minutes; Chest, Arms & Abs
Cardio: Medium Long Run; 7-8 miles
Strength Training: 45 Minutes; Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Back & Abs
Cardio: Rest
Strength Training: Rest
Cardio: Long Run; varies from 12-22 miles (depending on where I am at in my training schedule)

Stretching is also an extremely important part of having a fitness routine like this – I aim to stretch at least 10 minutes a day.  Muscles deserve a little relief after working so hard to tone us!