Race Day Is Almost Here!

In just two days, I will be running my first race of 2013…The Tri City Medical Center Marathon & Half and I am so excited!!  The race is Sunday morning at 6:15am so naturally, I have been spending this whole week doing my Pre Race Routine and getting my body and mind prepped.  My week has thus far consisted of lots of clean eating, stretching, short, easy runs and workouts, and a ton of mental focus.

Here are another few changes I have implimented this training season that I am excited to try out Sunday:

  • I have switched running shoes.  I had been in the Asics 2170s for the past 3 races and LOVE them.  However, upon learning they are now being slowly replaced by a newer model, the Asics 2000s, I decided that it was as good as time as ever to give the 2000s a try.  I am still a bit unsure if I love them as much as my 2170s, but I won’t know till I race in them.  They have been good for my past training runs I have done (I have put about 30 miles on them), just giving me a different feel then what I am used to but, thats to be expected after going through 5 pairs of the 2170s
  • I have changed my strength training routine.  This is the first race I am doing where I haven’t been following a weight lifting regimen.  Over these past two months, I really wanted to see how my body would do if I lifted less and did more body weight training, cross training and cardio.  My body has responded nicely to the break and has allowed running to reshape it.  By weight lifting, I was always in control of which parts of my body I wanted to focus on however, with cardio and full body cross training workouts, it is not up to me.  I have been happy with the results though and my running speed and efficiency has improved.  I am ready to get back on a weight routine though.
  • I am down 6.7 pounds from my last race; in part becuase of my break in weight lifting. I have noticed feeling lighter on my long runs and feeling a bit more in control of my body – we will see how this weight loss translates on race day.

All in all, I have been running consistently, eating consistently and sleeping consistently.  Can’t wait to see if my hard work pays off on Sunday with a good race!  Then after Carlsbad Marathon, I get to do it all over again in prep for my summer race, either San Diego Rock N Roll or Seattle Rock N Roll (still deciding :)).  Have I mentioned yet how additcting running can be?! ♥