This Week I am Obsessed with Chia Seeds

I know I haven’t written an ‘obsessed with’ post in a while; mostly because I am obsessed with so many things, it is hard to find one thing that stands out.  ♥  This week though, I thought I would write about my obsession with chia seeds as I have so many positive things to say about about thi small and mighty seed that do stand out! If you haven’t tried chia seeds, you must.  They are amazing for you!

Some facts about chia seeds:

  • They contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids; in fact higher levels than flax seeds provide
  • The seeds contain 20% protein, 34% oil, 25% dietary fibre and significant levels of antioxidants
  • The oil from the seeds contains approximately 64% of omega-3 fatty acid
  • 2 tablespoons (25g) provide 7g of dietary fibre including calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper
  • Chia is gluten-free, do not contain sodium and have a nutty flavor; use in baking goods or sprinkle over mueslis, yogurts and salads
  • The seeds are very durable as they don’t get rancid; simply store in a cupboard or refrigerator for months
For runners, chia is an amazing super food that provides tons of benefits to aid endurance.  If you aren’t a runner, chia can still provide benefits to power you through intense workouts.
Chia can be consumed in a gel form, mixing seeds with water, or sprinkeled on top of foods such as yogurt or oatmeal.  I like to do both however, if you are looking to gain the endurance factor, the gel form gives you extra hydration as the seeds have the ability to hold 12x their weight in water.  With that, they help to retain moisture and regulate the body’s absorption of nutrients while also maintaining the electrolyte balance; a super important factor in distance running.
Also because of the fact that chia seeds expand in water, they help keep you full for longer periods of time – thus decreasing your desire to snack on unhealthy foods!  I like to mix 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in my water in the afternoon.  Sometimes I add protein and my greens powder to make it the perfect meal replacement drink.  Let the chia seeds sit in the water for about 15 minutes before drinking; this will give them the time to soak up the water and expand.
I also like sprinkling chia seeds on top of my food as the seed has no actual taste and will take on the flavor of the food you are eating.  Without making your food taste weird, you can add the healthy omega 3s and calcium to your snacks simply by sprinkling some seeds on top!  My favorite is Greek yogurt with mango or peach slices and 1 tbsp chia seeds.  Yummy!


I hope you enjoy this healthy superfood as much as I do!