What To Do After A Weekend Of Overeating and Under Exercising

I love getting away for the weekends.  Although I live in a vacation every day in San Diego, it is still sometimes so nice to get away and have a change of pace.  The one challenging thing about going away though, is it is a recipe for disaster to overeat and under exercise.

This past weekend, we went away with some friends of ours and had a blast.  We drank margaritas, ate delicious food and relaxed.  I knew I was going to be eating a lot more calories then normal going into it, so I defiantly saved some calories last week to plan for the cheat meals, but I didn’t plan for the extra snacking! In my own state of weakness, I fell for some of the traps of yummy snack food laying around and munched throughout the days – totally against my normal diet!

It happens to the best and most fit of all of us, and thats okay!  It’s not about the diet mistakes you made during a weekend trip or vacation, its about how you rectify it and correct them asap!

Here are some tips on what to do to recover from a weekend of overeating and under exercising:

  • Relax.  Firstly, stop stressing about your overeating and relax.  It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound so its not likely that a couple cheat meals are going to completely derail your diet and weight.  Just understand that even the best of eaters, can fall of the diet wagon at some points.  Its okay, just relax about it and get in the right mindset to get back on track.
  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up.  So many times, people think “oh well, I’ve already messed up my diet so I might as well just wait until the end of the week to get back on track.”  NO!!  It is never going to be easy to get back on track but you just have to do it anyways.  Don’t hate yourself so much for messing up, just realize you did mess up and get back on track.  Now.
  • Resume Your Normal Calorie Intake.  One of the worst things you can do is skip meals the next day to make up extra calories consumed.  Instead, just get back on your normal calorie intake that your body is used to.  Cut out your ‘fun’ calories over the next couple days though as your body doesn’t need anything extra, but eat normal when it comes your your veggies and lean proteins.  Your body will use these nutrients to get back on track and it will use the calorie deficit created by cutting out fun calories to loose the extra pounds.
  • Skip the Scale.  If you know you overate, don’t torture yourself by running to the scale the next day.  Give yourself a couple days to loose the extra water weight and flush out the extra sodium intake.
  • Stick to Your Normal Exercise Routine.  It is easy to do one of two things when you get back from a weekend of overeating:  1) You feel to tired to do any type of workout and just say “ill start back tomorrow” or 2) You feel the need to go to the gym and workout for hours.   Don’t let yourself do either of these.  Instead, just get back to your normal routine and exercise between 40-60 minutes a day.  Keep in mind that cardio will help burn more calories then weight training so if your looking to slim the bloat, hop on the treadmill.
  • Track What You Eat.  If you normally track your calories, great and get back to it.  If you don’t, start!  Tracking your calories helps you stay accountable to what you are eating.  Especially when trying to get back on track, it is crucial to know what you are eating so you don’t eat any more then you should be.
  • Plan to loose 1 pound in the first week.  You can do this by still eating your normal foods and tracking what you eat.  Just how I mentioned above to cut out the ‘fun calories’ each day, by doing this you can cut approx. 200-300 calories a day which will create the 3500 calorie deficit to loose 1 pound.  Of course, combine the cutting of the fun calories with exercise.
  • Hydrate!  The more water you drink, the more your body can make up any hydration lost over your ‘off’ days and help flush out excess sodium and bloating.
  • Walk After You Eat.  Especially when you are trying to flush out some excess bloating, just a 10 minute walk after eating can make all the difference.

Overall, any weekend of overeating and under exercising can be fixed.  It takes a strong person to realize you went a little crazy on the weekend and you need to get back on track so just rest assured you are not alone, it happens to the best of us!