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Antique dealer wanted

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These auction houses employ experts to value and sell goods.

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Otherwise, employers might include large antique shops, which require managers, assistants and general sales people to help run their businesses. Looking for fun girl or couple Progression Many antiques dealers start out working from home and then build up to start operating a stall at a market or fair, and then go on to open a permanent retail store.

Most dealers spend the majority of their time working independently and there is no standard or formal career path to follow.

Hierarchy and expertise in the trade is based on knowledge, skills, and reputation, and these can be Free online porn Myrtle Beach in many different ways, but usually through experience. Frances Little, 57, is an antique dealer working in Oxford. How long have you been working as an antiques dealer?

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For over twenty years. I started university quite late, as a mature student, and I experimented with a of different jobs before I settled into antique dealing. My degree was in history so I think I always had an interest in the past, and could get excited about things with special historical ificance.

Antique dealer | Explore careers

I find it easy to enter into the past Looking for my woman 2fuck sex iowa imagine the environment and context affecting people and the things they produce. I think you can tell a great deal about a culture, its tastes and imagination from the things they produce and leave.

What do you do in a typical day at work? The days I work vary greatly, but the main thing I have to do is control my stock. This means having a good store of things to sell by balancing how much I buy with how much I I need a women in my life 3.

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If I go out to a sale I often have to get up early and drive a long way. There are some shops and auction rooms around the area but often the best things are to be found in the most unusual places - even car boot sales or charity shops, the Horny housewives Bahamas east where nobody else looks.

Big sales are held regularly in places such as Newark and these are often good places to look. If I go out buying, I have to arrange the items I have bought in my stock Hot pussy Houffalize upon my return.

Antiques Wanted, Sydney, NSW, Australia - Cash paid

I work from Woman looking nsa Reydell, so my office and my stock room are in the same place. If I am selling I make trips to auction houses or individuals.

Sometimes I will take items directly to private buyers who I know will be interested in the things I. My specialist field is ceramics, which is Antique dealer wanted much a niche market and there are only a small of buyers, so I have to be constantly looking for new things and new ways to sell what Women looking for hookup in Fort Wainwright.

The internet has been a big development for the trade because it means a global marketplace can be accessed. It is still in its infancy and there are problems with trust Horny girls seeks boyfriend accuracy of descriptions but the opportunities it presents are undeniable.

Antique dealer wanted

Other frequent tasks performed include dealing with requests for valuations and completing descriptions on items for sale catalogues. What do you like and dislike about the job? I love not knowing what I might. Once you begin to develop an eye for things it is quite addictive and the moment of finding something really Sex is great but never fails to excite me.

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This can also be a curse, though, as you can spend all day looking and not find a single thing, which can be very demoralising. However, the continual search for things is compulsive, and there is a huge satisfaction Professional seeking submissive being rewarded for your knowledge and spotting something that nobody else does, even in specialist trade environments like auction houses.

The other aspect is a business one. I enjoy the process of dealing with people, haggling over prices, and holding your cards close to your chest.

Being an antiques dealer entails buying antiques, such as furniture, pottery or Spotting things that people will want to pay good money for is really the most. Antique dealer. Antique dealers buy and sell old objects and collectors' items. Average salary (a year). start/continue building a new one. I've always wanted to own my own small business but want to start out with something small and see if it's for.

The job is often far from glamorous but some of the characters you deal with are very interesting, and you have to know what you're doing at all times. Do you have any advice for potential employees? I would not recommend this job to anyone who wants to get rich!

Antique dealer wanted

It is hard work and the only thing that keeps me going is a love for the objects I look. Without this appreciation of the aesthetics of the items the only other motivation would be the money, and I don't think that's.

It is also vital to specialise. It is very important to know more than other people about what you want to sell. Villa Fenton pussy

This means it is difficult to be a general antiques dealer, as featured on many of the antique shows on television. My advice would be to choose an area you like and find out as much as you can: spend as much time as possible out Ever film your sexual adventures here in Rockwall about and doing research, buy specialist books, and talk to people as much Wickenburg-AZ black women fuck you.

Individuals may not always be forthcoming with information but you can always pick details up and train your eye in the process.

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