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Rik Mayall : No, we have to be firm on the jugs. Adrian Edmondson : And the jugs have to be very firm.

Adrian Edmondson : No, you cunt. Rik Mayall : The fact that you stank of whiskey, and your shirt front displayed a lurid example of Adrian Edmondson : Lurid example of a bum?

Rik Mayall : It's such a long speech. Rik Mayall : Oh go on, have another Hob-Nob. Adrian Edmondson : Doh, you are evil!

Rik Mayall : Don't you start on me! Oh, it's just so good to get your feet up, isn't it? Adrian Edmondson : No, I'm not that pervy.

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Rik Mayall : Are you not? Adrian Edmondson : No.

You know, I've forgotten my next line. Rik Mayall : Shopping list, shopping list.

I'll go grab hold of my ballpoint. No time for crap double entendres.

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Curry's window's just blown, they've thrown a policeman through it. Rik Mayall : Have they?

Right, banzai baby! Balaclavas on and let's go shopping! At that illegal Malibu and Paracetamol all-nighter, that you couldn't get to, remember?

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